Financial organizations

 The banking sector has always been distinguished by high demands on the quality of reception and transmission of official information. AIRSTREAM Company offers the best solutions in providing financial institutions with reliable telecommunication services! All the advantages of high-quality secure communications, combining all your branches, ATMs and terminals, are available to you in a single automated service!

 AIRSTREAM Services for Financial Institutions

 AIRSTREAM Company is engaged in the design work, installation, configuration and maintenance of telecommunication networks for banks and financial institutions. We offer many ready-made IT solutions, but at the same time we take into account the features of the object and the wishes of the customer. Our main services include such types of work as:

- installation and connection of your cable system;

- installation and technical maintenance of digital or IP-telephony;

- installation of a single numbering system for all your branches;

- providing high-speed dedicated Internet access;

- creation of a virtual private network based on a VPN connection, combining your remote branches into a single corporate network with a full range of telecommunication services;

- delivery and connection of PBX, with the possibility of pairing several stations in a single number field;

- provision of primary or backup dedicated communication channels with high bandwidth.

 Connection of divisions and branches

 AIRSTREAM Company is ready to integrate the telecommunications structure of your divisions and branches into a single corporate network! We transfer data through our own transport network, ensuring that your representative office is connected to our access node on a “last mile” basis. Your branches will not have restrictions on the use of protocols and formats of transmitted data! And, of course, you have unlimited traffic at your disposal!

 Your corporate telecommunication network from AIRSTREAM  Company will help you solve many technical issues, including:

- association of branches and departments with a single processing center for data transfer online regime;

- remote work with a single database, including the ability to update in real time;

- maintaining confidential correspondence, protected from unauthorized viewing;

- transmission of urgent and important information without any delay;

- reduction of costs for telephone calls between branches and offices, regardless of their remoteness.

 Connection of ATMs and terminals

The availability of high-quality Internet connection is one of the decisive factors at installing process of ATMs and terminals. Mobile Internet in this case is not suitable, since mobile data is very unstable. The lack of uninterrupted communication jeopardizes security and excludes the possibility of constant video surveillance, which makes the operation of terminals and ATMs impossible.

 In such situations, the best solution would be an Internet connection via dedicated lines by AIRSTREAM! We connect ATMs and POS terminals to processing centers via wired and wireless connections. For connection, the basic transport network AIRSTREAM is used, which is characterized by stable operation and good security. Due to reliable communication channels, connected ATMs and POS terminals can carry out the entire volume of necessary operations!

 AIRSTREAM Company takes an individual approach to the needs of its customers. The cost of each of our projects is determined on the basis of the terms of reference, which take into account all your requirements and wishes. We guarantee to our customers quality service and maximum efficiency in the performance of work.